Battle of Waterloo - Chess Set

Immerse yourself in the historical significance of the Battle of Waterloo with this Battle of Waterloo Chess...
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The Chess Set pieces are made from Eco-Friendly UK Made, Non Toxic, Crushed Stone with a Water Based Polymer.

Please note, it may take upwards of a month for your chess set to ship, as we make each set to order. Keep this in mind and order gifts well ahead of when you need them.

Immerse yourself in the historical significance of the Battle of Waterloo with this Battle of Waterloo Chess Set. The battle, which took place on 18th June 1815 near the village of Waterloo in Belgium, marked the final and decisive conflict of the Napoleonic Wars. The chess pieces meticulously crafted by Studio Anne Carlton (SAC) capture the essence of this historic event. The combined armies of the British and Prussian forces, led by the Commander in Chief, the Duke of Wellington, faced off against the French army commanded by Napoleon Bonaparte himself. Experience the tension and strategy of the battlefield as you command these finely detailed chess pieces. Each character reflects the authenticity of the era, allowing you to relive the remarkable events of the Battle of Waterloo. The high skill of SAC's designers, sculptors, and craftsmen shines through in this collection of UK handmade chess sets and European chess boards. Their dedication to capturing the intricacies of the historical period is evident in the richness of finish and meticulous attention to detail. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of one of history's defining moments with this exceptional chess set. Whether you are a chess enthusiast, a history buff, or simply appreciate fine craftsmanship, these pieces will transport you back to the battlefield of Waterloo. Please note that the chessboard is not included with this set. SAC offers a range of chessboards, handcrafted in Europe by highly skilled craftsmen, to complement and protect the SAC chess pieces. Experience the grandeur and significance of the Battle of Waterloo through the artistry and historical accuracy of this remarkable chess set by Studio Anne Carlton.

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