Crusades - Hand Painted Chess Set

Immerse yourself in the epic conflicts between Christians and Muslims with the magnificent Crusades chess set crafted...
SKU: 16165

The Chess Set pieces are made from Stone-crushed polyresin.

Please note, it may take upwards of a month for your chess set to ship, as we make each set to order. Keep this in mind and order gifts well ahead of when you need them.

Immerse yourself in the epic conflicts between Christians and Muslims with the magnificent Crusades chess set crafted by Studio Anne Carlton (SAC). This remarkable set captures the essence of the struggles for domination that have spanned over a thousand years. The designers and craftsmen at SAC have meticulously created a collection that embodies the spirit of the Crusades, particularly the period between 1095 and 1292. This era has captured the imagination of people worldwide, with tales of valiant Crusader knights and the heroes and villains who shaped this tumultuous chapter of history. At the forefront of this chess set stands Richard the Lionheart, the legendary English king, as the noble and revered king piece on the White side. His presence symbolises the courageous and iconic leadership that defined the Crusades. With this chess set, you have the opportunity to embark on your own narrative, creating your own heroes and villains within the richly detailed characters it offers. Each piece represents a unique figure from the Crusades, allowing you to immerse yourself in the stories and legends that have captivated cultures across the globe. SAC's commitment to craftsmanship is evident in every detail of this remarkable chess set. The intricately designed pieces and the quality of the materials used reflect SAC's dedication to creating exceptional products that are appreciated by enthusiasts on five continents. Embark on a historical journey and let your imagination soar as you recreate the struggles, triumphs, and conflicts of the Crusades with this magnificent hand-painted chess set from Studio Anne Carlton. Each set undergoes a meticulous four-week painting process by skilled artists, adding a touch of uniqueness and artistry to every piece. The result is a visually stunning and historically accurate chess set that captures the essence of the Crusades. Experience the grandeur and drama of the Crusades as you strategise your moves on the chessboard. May your gameplay be filled with the spirit of the valiant Crusaders and the resilience of the Muslim forces. This Crusades-themed chess set is not only a remarkable piece of art, but also a gateway to the historical world that shaped the course of civilizations. Embrace the spirit of the Crusades and let the battles unfold on the chessboard with this magnificent chess set from Studio Anne Carlton. May your moves be as strategic as the Crusader knights themselves as you navigate the conflicts of this remarkable era.

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