Nautical - Hand Painted Chess Set

Discover the enduring struggle between man and the mighty seas with this captivating nautical chess set that...
SKU: 16184

The Chess Set pieces are made from Stone-crushed polyresin.

Please note, it may take upwards of a month for your chess set to ship, as we make each set to order. Keep this in mind and order gifts well ahead of when you need them.

Discover the enduring struggle between man and the mighty seas with this captivating nautical chess set that embodies the unique relationship between humans and the ocean. Throughout history, men have embarked on perilous journeys to conquer and navigate the powerful and unpredictable waters of the world. Designed by Studio Anne Carlton, this chess set beautifully captures the essence of this age-old contest. The characters represent the qualities of skill, bravery, cunning, and luck that have allowed humanity to survive and thrive in the face of such a formidable and unforgiving environment. Each chess piece symbolises a facet of this relationship, showcasing the diverse roles played by sailors, explorers, captains, and maritime figures throughout history. The set pays homage to the resilience and audacity of those who have ventured into the depths, battling the elements and harnessing the power of the sea. Whether it be the stoic captain at the helm, the valiant sailor braving the waves, or the intrepid explorer charting new territories, each piece reflects the indomitable spirit and unwavering determination required to navigate the vast expanses of the ocean. Studio Anne Carlton's meticulous craftsmanship is evident in every detail of this set, capturing the essence of the sea's power and the courage of those who have faced its challenges. The hand-painted variation adds an additional layer of uniqueness and artistry to each set, with individual painters infusing their own style into the pieces. The rich finish and attention to detail bring these characters to life, making them a compelling addition to any chess collection. Please note that the chessboard is not included with this set. SAC offers a range of chessboards, handcrafted in Europe by highly skilled craftsmen, to complement and protect the SAC chess pieces. Experience the captivating interplay between man and the sea with this extraordinary hand-painted chess set from Studio Anne Carlton, where each move becomes a metaphorical battle between human determination and the boundless power of the ocean. Let the waves guide your strategy and immerse yourself in the timeless struggle between man and the mighty seas.

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